Parents enroll their child for a Sacrament Prep Program at Registration.


2nd Grade- Children enroll in a program which begins in January to prepare for 1st Reconciliation (Confession) and 1st Communion.

8th Grade- Children enroll in a program which begins in the spring of 8th grade and ends with Confirmation in the fall of 9th grade. 

All children must also be enrolled in a Religious Education Class either at our parish or at their Catholic school.

  • All children preparing for the following sacraments must provide a copy of their Baptism Certificate to the parish office for recording purposes.​
  • All children preparing for First Communion must first prepare for First Reconciliation.
  • All First communion children who register, whether fall, spring or home study will prepare together and receive sacraments in Spring.
  • ​All dates are subject to change.
  • Timeline will be emailed to all parents in December.

Schedule (TBD) for children who will enroll in the prep program for 2022-2023

2023 First Reconciliation (Confession) Prep Program

  • Reconciliation Workshop and Worksheet
  • First Reconciliation Worksheet due to Michelle
  • First Reconciliation at St. John Vianney. (Parents sign up their child for a time slot).  Parents pick up First Communion materials

2023 First Communion Prep Program

  • First Communion Worksheet #1 due to Michelle
  • First Communion Workshop
  • Michelle will email all parents information about rehearsals and First Communion Masses.  Parents need to sign up for which option to attend.

2023 Confirmation

Prep Program for the 2022-2023 school year

  • April 15th (9am-noon) or April 16th (noon-3pm)– Mandatory NET Retreat for students.  Students receive Red Confirmation Journal
  • June / July – Students and their Sponsors complete Red Confirmation Journal
  • August – Red Confirmation Journal due.  Students meet with a member of our Religious Education Team to discuss their experience (Dates and Times TBD)
  • October/November –Mandatory Rehearsal & Confirmation Masses at St. John Vianney (Dates and Times TBD by Bishop)

For more information about classes, email Michelle Kustarz at