Parents enroll their child for a Sacrament Prep Program at Registration.

2nd Grade or older Children enroll in a program which begins in January to prepare for 1st Reconciliation (Confession) and 1st Communion.

To prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist, a candidate must be enrolled in the parish Religious Education program or attend Catholic school, during the year of immediate preparation. The family is directly involved in preparing the child for the sacrament. 

8th Grade- Children enroll in a program which begins in the spring of 8th grade and ends with Confirmation in the fall of 9th grade.

All children must also be enrolled in a Religious Education Class either at our parish or at their Catholic school.

  • All children preparing for the following sacraments must provide a copy of their Baptism Certificate to the parish office for recording purposes.​

2023-2024 First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion Prep Program

  • All children preparing for First Communion must first prepare for First Reconciliation.
  • All First Communion children who register, whether fall, spring or home study will prepare together and receive sacraments in Spring.
  • ​All dates are subject to change.

You and your child will work together on the materials for Reconciliation (Click below for dates for the program)

2023 Confirmation

Prep Program for the 2022-2023 school year

  • April 15th (9am-noon) or April 16th (noon-3pm)– Mandatory NET Retreat for students.  Students receive Red Confirmation Journal
  • June / July – Students and their Sponsors complete Red Confirmation Journal
  • August – Red Confirmation Journal due.  Students meet with a member of our Religious Education Team to discuss their experience (Dates and Times TBD)
  • October/November –Mandatory Rehearsal & Confirmation Masses at St. John Vianney (Dates and Times TBD by Bishop)

For more information about classes, email Michelle Kustarz at