Welcome to St. John Vianney Parish


Whether you find yourself looking for Mass times or sacraments, opportunities to learn and grow, ways to get involved, or information about religious education for kids, everything we do here at St. John Vianney is meant to help foster your journey into deeper discipleship with Jesus Christ and to help you give God the Worship he deserves.

Trusting in God, we encourage and support each other in becoming the sons and daughters of God that has He has called us to be. 

We welcome each and every one of you to join us.


Our parish exists to give God glory – in worship, and by growing together as committed disciples who draw others to Jesus.

Here at St. John Vianney, it is our vision that every person in our corner of Southeast Michigan becomes a committed disciple of Jesus, striving for holiness. It is a tall order, but it is the mission Jesus has entrusted to his disciples. As Jesus taught, “for God, all things are possible” (Mt. 19:26).

We are especially inspired by the life and spirituality of our patron St. John Vianney, treasuring what he valued as we strive to live out our faith:

Love for Mary – Commitment

Inspired by Mary’s maternal care for us, we are committed to make our parish a home for all and to draw others into the family of Christ.

Love for Christ Crucified – Joyful Confidence

We remain rooted in the joy-filled confidence that comes from following the example of Jesus and entrusting our lives into the hands of the Father.

Love for Sinners and the Poor – Generosity

Aware of God’s mercy for us, we do not hide from our weaknesses and sins, and are inspired to respond with compassion toward those around us.

Love for the Eucharist – Reverence

We give glory to God through dignified worship, approaching the gift of His Body and Blood with reverence, and offering our lives in thanksgiving to Him.