The St. John Vianney Young Men’s group (men 18-35) is for the spiritual and fraternal growth of young
men. Often times, people find themselves isolated seeking fellowship and/or guidance.
Others may be burning with the Holy Spirit, but are looking foie the support of Catholic friends to share their
gifts with. We will create a space where men can form fraternal bonds in which they can
be open to sharing their blessings and struggles with one another.

We will meet every Thursday from 8-10 pm.

Meeting starts at 8pm in the Vianney House.

For those interested, we will attend Night Prayer and Benediction in the Church starting at 7:45pm. 

First week of the month: Presentation/discussion day (small groups if time allows)

Second weekSmall group day

Third week: Unstructured fellowship day (small group meeting optional)

Fourth week: Small group day

The small groups wouldn’t start until 8:00 PM, giving time for any men who want to pray in adoration or go to confession before, we begin.

Please feel free to bring your dinner to eat before we start at 8 p.m.

Questions, contact:

Evan Fadanelli; Email: or Calvin Bojanowski