The Sacrament of Reconciliation, often referred to as Penance or Confession, is an opportunity for any baptized person to lay all their sins before God and receive forgiveness, healing and be absolved of their sins. Jesus sent his apostles out to forgive sins in His Name, and this ministry is carried out by priests and bishops in the Catholic Church still today.

There are two primary forms of this special sacrament.

Individual Confession

In this format, a priest makes him self available during certain times in our confessional/reconciliation room. You simply come at some point during that time and wait until the priest is available (normally there is an informal line) for you to go in yourself and celebrate the Sacrament.

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Communal Penance Service

In this format, people gather for a prayer service that normally includes music, scripture readings, preaching and then time for quiet reflection. There are usually then several priests who are spread out in different areas of the church for individuals to come up one at a time and confess their sins and receive absolution. These services are normally held during the seasons of Advent and Lent in conjunction with other local Catholic Churches.

Please check our Events Page during December and March (Advent and Lent) for communal penances.