When we have lost a loved one, God brings us grace, healing and the hope of resurrection through the various liturgies and rites that the Church provides for funerals. It can also be confusing for families to know what to do when they lose a loved one and how to go about planning their funeral.

Planning a funeral at St. John Vianney

  • Contact Funeral Home: If you are going to be working with a funeral home, it is usually best to contact the funeral home first and indicate to them that you would like to have a funeral mass at St. John Vianney. They will contact our parish staff and coordinate their schedule with ours.
  • Contact St. John Vianney: If you are not working with a funeral home, or if you prefer to reach out to the Church first, call us at 586-781-6525 and ask to speak with our funeral coordinator Jennifer Kowalski.
  • Meeting at St. John Vianney: Once arrangements for the funeral liturgies have been confirmed, a staff member or volunteer will contact to confirm a date and time to meet with you to plan details for the funeral liturgy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Funerals at SJV

  • Can I have an in-state at the Church before the funeral?
    Yes, in most cases we are able to have an in-state at Church about 30 minutes before the funeral mass.
  • Can I have my loved one cremated and still have a funeral mass at Church?
    Yes, the Catholic Church allows for a funeral liturgy with cremains as long as all of the cremains are kept together in a respectful vessel, present at the mass, and are interred in the same manner as a casket would be following the funeral.
  • Can I have a funeral luncheon at SJV?
    We have a social hall that seats up to 250 people that may be available to host a funeral luncheon, provided the space is not already being used for another activity at or near that time. There is no cost for use of the hall. We have an in-house caterer whom families can contract for food and pay directly.

For information about funerals contact contact Jennifer Kowalski at
jkowalski@sjvshelby.org or call 586-781-6525