The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is not only a gift of grace to the couple who enter into it, but truly to the whole world as married couples and families are a powerful witness to the love that God has for all of us. God transforms the world through marriage!

We welcome couples who wish to enter in to this most holy union to begin a process of preparation toward a lifetime of love and grace in Christ!

We believe marriage is a life-long union that is only dissolved by death. As such, preparing for a wedding is more than getting ready for the wedding day itself, it’s about the lifelong commitment together. We prepare couples for weddings which will be celebrated at St. John Vianney, as well as assist couples who belong to SJV but will (for various reasons) have their wedding at another Catholic Church.

To begin marriage preparation at our parish, a couple should:

  • Make An Appointment with Fr. Jim: Call our parish office at 586-781-6525 and ask to make an appointment with Fr. Jim. He will contact you directly and set up a time for you both to meet with him together.
  • Schedule the wedding date: At your appointment with Fr. Jim, or shortly thereafter, our office will work to confirm your wedding date and time.
  • Marriage Preparation: At your appointment you will be given a packet which outlines your marriage preparation process. Jennifer Kowalski will follow up with you to guide you through the process and connect you with the other couples and staff who will be assisting you.

Frequently asked questions about Weddings and Marriage Preparation

How far in advance of their wedding does a couple need to begin marriage preparation?
The standard in the Archdiocese of Detroit is a minimum of 6 months of marriage preparation prior to the wedding.

I am Catholic, but my intended spouse is not. Can we get married in a Catholic Church?
Yes! Fr. Jim will explain the options available to you when you meet with him.

My intended spouse or I have been married before. Can we get married in a Catholic Church?
As Catholics we believe that marriage is for life. There are circumstances where a previous marriage could be “annulled.” Fr. Jim will talk to you about any prior marriages, and what your options would be.

My spouse and I were married in a civil union. Is it still possible to be married in the Church?
Yes, it may be possible to celebrate what the Church calls a “Convalidation”. If you make an appointment with Fr. Jim he will review your situation and discuss your next steps.

Do we have to belong to St. John Vianney to have our wedding there?
In order to have your wedding at a Catholic Church, one or both of the future spouses must be Catholic and should be a practicing member of a Catholic parish. In general, it is expected that a couple would get married at the parish to which they belong. There are some circumstances where couples who belong to other parishes but have ties to SJV may choose to have their wedding here, but that would be a determination of Fr. Jim when you meet with him.

For information about Marriage Preparation contact Jennifer Kowalski at or call 586-781-6525