Christian Service

St. John Vianney’s Christian Service group is an active group of men and women of the parish who work together to help those in need and strive to creatively and consistently discover new ways to serve others.  We work toward the goals of the Catholic Church that takes into account parish, community and global outreach. 

Some of the activities we focus on include:

  • Food Pantry Collections
  • McRest
  • Family Service Opportunities
  • Scout Sunday
  • Cooking and servicing dinner to the Seniors at St. Pats Center    
  • Salvation Army
  • Mercy In Action Day
  • Annual Significant Anniversary Mass
  • Evening of Remembrance
  • Veterans Day Recognition
  • Giving Tree

Volunteering opportunities for individual events will be posted to our “Upcoming Events” section, or via our parish email list.

To be part of the commission that plans and organizes these events, contact Susan Wasmund at