Our mission is to assist, educate and empower our faith community members in the management of their personal health by promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness.

What are some of the roles the Health Ministry provide at St. John Vianney?

  • Provide regular Blood Pressure Screenings following masses each month
  • Outreach to families of congregants who die, through bereavement support
  • Host annual Evening of Remembrance providing literature for the Loss of a Loved one
  • Participate as members of Christian Service and Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers for initial visits to frail or sick members in the community
  • Maintain the AED and provide resources for Emergency Response policies supported by the Church
  • Assists annually at the Red Cross Blood Drive
  • Provide current health promotion resources for congregants in the Church Bulletin Board and Resource Board

What is a Faith Community Nurse?

The Faith Community Nurse is a registered nurse who is committed to the wholistic ministry of the church and surrounding community. The Faith Community Nurse:

  • Discusses health problems while maintaining confidentiality
  • Seeks to educate and support persons of all ages through a variety of educational activities, programs, and support groups
  • Does Blood Pressure Screenings
  • Acts as an advocate, resource person and liaison for members to other congregational resources and to community and hospital services
  • Serve as a clinical resource and acts as a mentor and supporter to parish members and volunteers to broaden and extend sources of help within the Church
  • Assists people to integrate faith and health

Who are the Faith Community Nurses and how do I contact them?

Marian Giacona, RN FCN and Laura Fitzpatrick RN FCN are the Parish Nurses for St. John Vianney. Church members are encouraged to call them with health-related concerns, requests for hospital/home visits when sick and hospitalized for assistance with any special health-related needs. The Faith Community Nurses can be contacted by leaving a message at the church office at (586)781-6525

They are also available by email:



What is a Health Team Member?

A health team member is a member of the congregation taking part in activities sponsored by the Health ministry. Health team members work under the supervision of the Faith Community Nurse.

How can I become involved with the Health Ministry?

Any SJV church member is welcome to join the health ministry. We currently have a devoted team of people who assist us with many of our activities in various capacities. There’s always room for more! Feel free to contact one of the nurses listed below.

How can the Faith Community Nurse help me?

Faith Community Nurses may discuss health issues, provide counseling for you and your family, assist with health education and support and aid with referrals to community resources. This ministry seeks to increase access and usage of existing services. We will pray with you.